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The templeworks pages we have put all over the internet has helped people immensely. We know taking things to this level will give us an advantage over other ways that you can survive. Most of society today is getting soft. They don’t understand that you need to fight in order to survive. Nothing is given to you and you must work for everything you want.

Know Your Test

Knowing what type of test you have to beat can be an important step in formulating a plan of attack. Both blood and saliva tests typically only pick up a couple days or even a few hours depending on the type of drug. Urine tests stretch just a little further back, and hair tests typically go as far back as two weeks. Though hair tests have picked up drug use as far back as a few months, usually in frequent users. To ultimately pass your upcoming drug test, then, you really need to know what you’re up against. This gives you a time frame to work with and also gives you other potential opportunities to avoid testing positive.

Delay the Inevitable

Since every test has a time limit before it can no longer pick up any drugs in your system, any time you can buy yourself increases the likelihood that you’ll pass. Use any excuse you can in this case. This can be as simple as saying that a scheduled time won’t work for you due to a family or work obligation. Avoid any excuse that could ultimately get you into trouble like a fake appointment or emergency, but do your best to get yourself an extra couple of days if possible. This could spell the difference between failing your test or having enough time for the substances to finish leaving your system. You will be able to know how pass a drug test with no problems if you have the right equipment. 

Avoid It Altogether

Obviously not taking a drug test at all would be the ideal scenario. You cannot fail what you do not take. Avoid raising suspicion, but ask to take another kind of less sensitive test stating that you find it less invasive. Also read up on drug testing laws in your state. Some states actually protect employees from being fired for certain substances. The test itself might also violate your rights, or the tester might not meet legal requirements to test you. In that case, be polite but firm about not being tested by the individual. You can always use personal comfort as your excuse so that you don’t seem like you’re trying to get out of it because of drug use.

Get a Do-Over

Urine tests especially are finicky and can often ring a false positive. Use this to your advantage. If you fail a test, act like you have no idea how it happened and request a second test. Obviously it’s important that you not start taking drugs again immediately after testing for this reason. Wait for results and then, if needed, use any extra time to your benefit as most drugs will likely be out of your system by the time you take a second test. You can even request a different kind of test, stating that you feel the other wasn’t accurate and that you’re upset that you were accused of being a drug user and would like to prove via a different test. Again, read up on any laws as some states prevent you being fired even if you test positive for certain substances.

Choose Wisely

Depending on the circumstances, you might get the opportunity to choose what kind of test you would like to take. It’s important in this case that you pick the best option to avoid a positive result. If you recently tried drugs for the first time, the oft-dreaded hair test might actually be your best bet as drugs aren’t likely to be present in the follicles yet. However, in most cases, either a blood or saliva test are recommended. Both of these testing methods are likely to come up negative if you haven’t used drugs in a few days. In some cases, the drug might even be out of your system in a few hours. The only time you might want to request a urine test is if you’re high on marijuana at the time of the test. In this instance, you will still fail the test, but as urine tests don’t measure how much THC is in the system, there won’t be proof that you were high at the time the test was taken. No matter what test you ultimately opt to take (or are forced to take), be sure to follow the golden rule about quitting use as soon as possible under all circumstances. The longer you’ve gone without using, the more likely it is that you won’t test positive no matter the testing method used.