Pop-up Pig and Bring out the Mess: Test Space comes to Temple Works

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It was a scene from the Italian Job. Madcap chefs in stolen (well, pre-loved) cars, roaring back and forth Saturday into Temple Works car park to deliver successive loads of pig, more pig, did I say pig and lentil cutlets…and giant Eton Mess, cupcakes and found vegetables (hedge-found not hedge-fund, that rules out Bridgewater Place Tesco provenance.) One chef came all the way from Bournemouth.  This  gourmet rush was preceded by Majestic Wines roaring up in a minivan with rather a lot of booze (a great tradition at Temple Works);Test Space dashing around for two days with lists, cutlery, slate chips, fairy lights, pineapples-for-rent and giant mops…and finally guests roaring in on the trot to demand their fill.

The food was superb and provoked the kind of discussion that engaged foodies and non alike. There was some speculation about what each body part actually was and one bold diner left politesse behind and attacked the pig’s head itself in the spirit of investigation. When the plates were piled high speculation gave way sheer enjoyment and the showmanship of each chef contributed greatly to the evening, in particular the serving of the extraordinarily tasty giant Eton Mess. Many thanks to  David Bennett of Sunshine Bakery, Mike Wallis, Mina Said, Leeds Kirkgate Market and SalsaMexicana and Bournemouth’s Dave Prior.  Other entertainment included a lengthy visit from the police, concerned at the delicious smells emanating from an uninsured building site; food porn as part of Exposure Leeds Photo Week, addresses on Slow Food by Andrew Critchett and live music from Ryan Spendlove (which was rip-roaring and went the whole hog).

This was a popup kitchen first for both Test Space and Temple Works. Once the largest room in the world, Temple Works is re-opening as a cultural venue which – while the Main Space is being repaired – includes a wide range of events including the improbable, the impossible, the frankly deafening and the roast pig. We can’t wait to see what Test Space pulls out of the culinary hat next. Hats generally mean rabbits but I’ve heard it may be fish…different kind of hat, flies and the like. This will mean a continuing problem for vegetarian guests so next time all you omnivores please don’t eat the gorgeous little lentil cutlets until the veggies have been fed. They get nasty when hungry!

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  • Deborah Alvares – The very first photo is just filled with so much love. Max did such a great job bgnirnig out your love for each other in these photos. I’m willing to bet that he didn’t have to work that hard to get that though. Congratulations to you both for taking such a huge step.

  • I hope that pig was halal – it is Ramadan y’know 😉

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