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thursday 9th june 7:30 start

– you can come during and tickets are available on the door too.

A PILOT EVENT for a proposed series_

PRECESSION: THE CYNICS is the juxtaposition of two ideas.



Expect an evening of ideas, poetry and performance of contemporary merit (+booze) with DJ playing records to fill the gaps.



STEPHEN EMMERSON + DAVE KANE (musician/solo-bassist)



MATTHEW BELLWOOD (Reading&Performance)



DJ Coburn-hough (Playing Records)


TICKET COST_ONLY £5!! (over 18s only)

Drink available.

Buy Tickets on Eventbrite



Robert .A. Sharples

twitter @rasharples @templeworks

PRECESSION is borrowed terminology from Physics.

It describes a changing point. A change in the orientation of the rotation axis of a rotating body.

The motion of the axis of a spinning body, where there is an external force acting on the axis.

Take from this what you will. In translation, this Event uses this idea to set/disturb a series FOR ideas, performance, poetry – an expression without stagnation.

THE CYNICS is less borrowed, more vital substanance & an ideology to stand by.

Cynicism originates from the ancient school of philosophers The Cynics, whom were defiant, unconventional,’of the world’, – the streets were their school. Their philosophy to virtuously align with nature as a purpose of life endeavours rejecting convention and conventional desire and values that conspires societal existence.

‘CYNIC’ deriving from the Greek word, meaning ‘dog-like’/’dog’, refering to The Cynics behaviour and choices.

Once turned on its head – The Cynics as a friend remain open to finding error and barking correction, snapping at the public the truth and with the beliefs for a happy life, self-sufficency and freedom.

PRECESSION: THE CYNICS approaches Cynicism as a discontinuous, philisophical, cultural process.

& questions … What is it to be cynical today?

Yes – Cynicism has a legacy of antiquity – but not explicit to any one collective of thinkers.

Anyone has the capacity to be a Cynic, and cynical close to its original meaning.

A Cynic is a spy who aims to discover what things are friendly or hostile to man; after making accurate observations, he then comes back and reports the truth.

Stoic philosopher Epictetus

Cynicism is merely the act of seeing things as they are instead of as they ought to be.

Oscar Wilde, Sebastian Melmoth (1904)

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