Why Rush?

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Why Rush?” comes to Temple.Works.Leeds…11-13th May, three days of experimental multi-media performance, music and mayhem. 36 artists, two cities, London & Leeds.

when pianos drop… horns salute…taxidermists fly…mice poledance…clowns menace…geishas howl…men rock…heads roll… WHY RUSH?”

Come watch, get involved, find out why and how they do what they do in workshops. Bar, cafe, get the Tshirt.

  • Friday May 11th: 6pm – 2am.
  • Saturday May 12th: 11 am – 1am.
  • Sunday May 13th: noon – 11pm


Tickets go on sale on Eventbrite NOW………………..

  • £8.00 per day / student concession £6.00
  • £20.00 for 3 days / student concession £16.00



  • Carrieanne Vivianette
  • Anna Frisch My Polar Disorder performed by Laura Bradshaw
  • Jenny Kosmowsky
  • Dave Lynch
  • Il Pixel Rosso and the birds fell from the sky
  • Melanie Wilson in Illustrated
  • Paul Green
  • Rachel Sweeney in crow-glove / croagh-love
  • Contemporary Beef Productions presents “MATRYOSHKAS”


Live music

  • Jerico Orchestra
  • Lone Taxidermist
  • MonkeyPunch Productions present The Institute of Stone Age Sex
  • Slim Bob Pro 6 and the Bobettes
  • Sloth Hammer
  • Executive Legs
  • Urban Exploration

Details of Times and dates when people will be playing will be announced very soon along with more performers.

keep checking back….

Why Rush?” is part of a trio of festivals codenamed The Freds that launch Temple.Works.Leeds own major in-house productions and bring artists together from different directions, generations and media both to work together and to involve audiences in learning how they work. While Why Rush? will be about experimental performance, bringing artists together from London and Leeds, Fred 2 will go even further south – to Latin America – and further North to Scotland to join industrial artists in two weeks of experimentation, exhibition and teaching. Fred 3 will bring the most famous Punk and Situationist artist, Jamie Reid to Temple Works for five weeks in a celebration of his work and vision during which he will meet and work with young free and street artists in a series of private and public workshops.


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  • […] Why Rush? Is the first event created and curated by the Templeworks inhouse team. Over 45 performers will be given space in the sprawling building to do whatever they do best. Performance art, music, dancing, art, theatre…for three days the doors will be flung open for you to wander, to watch and to gaze in wonderment. A few teasers of the unexpected are pole-dancing mice, stone age sex and Russian graverobbers. […]

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