Carianne Vivianette surprises herself . . .

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Carianne Vivianette surprises herself….

Why Rush? is coming to Temple.Works.Leeds on 11-13 May. Be prepared for three days of exhilarating and experimental performance, contemporary dance, theatre and music. Exploring what she’s doing and how she’s doing it, I interviewed Carianne Vivianette, one of the 45+ artists featured at Why Rush?

Carianne, a graduate of Contemporary Performance Practice at Leeds Metropolitan University, will once again be performing her energetically styled piece TempleWorks. A striking performance of her own journey of self-discovery, this piece will be an extension of her previous performance at Temple.Works.Leeds where she has been astonishing audiences now for over a year.

Her shows feature free-verse improvisation: Carianne says she needs to surprise herself as much as her audience in order to keep her live art as new to all. Part autobiographical, partly inspired by the music of Scott Walker and the grotesque physical movements of Liza Aggiss, Carianne manipulates her story in a way that means the audience can find its own narrative.

She says she is particularly attracted to “dirty and rough spaces”. So the Painter’s Bar at Temple.Works.Leeds – with its builders dust, uneven flagstones, paint splattered walls and niches to nowhere – keeps bringing her back. Her only props are a saw, powder and water. Be prepared to see wild and grotesque dancing accompanied with erratic vocals that will send shivers down your spine. Her previous audiences can vouch for the shivers…

Verity Geeves

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  • I had the misfortune of seeing this performance. I had to leave early as I thought it was a lot of pretentious garbage!

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