Il Pixel Rosso, and birds fell from the sky, Temple.Works.Leeds 11th – 13th May

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Did you ever wish to run away with the circus? At the Temple.Works.Leeds, from Friday 11
th to Saturday 12th of May as a part of our ‘Why Rush?’ contemporary art festival, you don’t have to be gifted or a freak. In Pixel Rosso’s virtual reality of the ‘Faruk’ you will transcend into the psychedelic world of a circus clown. You will be equipped with video goggles and then they’ll take you off on a roller-coaster ride, kidnapped by clowns who will literally drive you to the ends of the earth!



Inspired by Hunter. S. Thompson’s road trips (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas), “participants should expect feelings of fear followed by exhilaration”, escape from reality for a moment. You should be warned – this performance was designed to generate a physical response – you are likely to experience a kinesthetic sense of colour and complete loss of motor skills. Like reliving a lost memory from a past life; paralytic at a fancy dress party, in a show that sold out London’s ‘Roundhouse’ last month. Audiences will come to the performance in pairs, and the ‘Faruk’ will guide them through a twisted story with the aid of video goggles designed for military training exercises in the 70s. They will be driven through various scenes then released back into ‘reality’….


Sylvia Merciuliali, a theatre producer, and Simon Wilkinson, a sound and film producer on such projects as ‘JunkTV’, collaborate at home in Brighton to form ‘Il Pixel Rosso’. They experiment in the exciting new style of promenade theatre, common with a lot of performances at the ‘Templeworks’, and have become particularly renowned for their interactive dramas. “Pixel Rosso starts with physical emotions” and the aim is to transport the audience into their subconscious.


Daniel Cunningham


“You don headphones, goggles and a moustache, and embark on a mystery tour in which you will play a pivotal role, and end on a high.” Guardian, 1st April 2012


Il Pixel Rosso featuring as Great Spavaldos at London’s ‘Roundhouse’ in the venue’s ‘CircusFest’, 28th March – 29th April 2012. Also with And the birds fell from the sky at ‘Harrogate Theatre’, 1st – 2nd June.


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