My Polar Disorder…the question of the pole dancing mouse

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I’ve known theatre and performance auteur Anna Frisch for a very very long time. One thing of which I can be certain is that there is no point asking leading questions of her because she will decimate them with terrifying literalness. So when I asked “What makes you want to put on a show about a pole-dancing mouse then, Anna?” she answers “ What? Why? Why does anyone do anything? Why does one fall in love? Cross the street? Eat guacamole with pico de gallo?”

So back to the pole dancing mouse. It’s as good as reason as any that Anna – when pressed very hard – agrees that the idea just came to her one day and she couldn’t stop laughing. In fact she burst out laughing again when she finally admitted these dark origins to me today. She had apparently visualised it on the bus in Stoke Newington right down to the sheer sexy sexlessness of it, the essential wrongness of it, and the sleazy grind rock background. And then with her usual 1000% focus she set about finding the tiny dancer, the aesthetic, the music, and of course the pole. It has been months in the making and for a very short piece it is as much a work of art as a punch to the cultural plexus.

She won’t give away the show that will preview and perform several times at Why Rush? May 11-13 before going on tour, but be clear that it will rock your little white cotton socks. She will also, working with Leeds filmmaker and Temple.Works.Leeds resident Dave Lynch, be filming the performance so it can be enjoyed in a private-dancer way through headphones for the rest of Why Rush? by those wanting to see it again on their own. In future the mouse will go on virtual tour as a hologram. The mouse will live on and on , well -ish.

Anna is known for outstanding work – some of it WIP for years – that always features twists of fate, stories of love, loss, chewing gum, gossip and disrobing craziness, experiences inside one’s head and ears backed by music – some of it with half-naked guitarists, others with mad preachers and pink ladies. She has years of residency at Shunt (London Bridge), with shows at the National Portrait Gallery and at London’s Merge Festival amongst others. The London-based curator for Why Rush? in 2012, she has been part of Temple.Works.Leeds since 2008 and helped set the scene for TWL’s reputation for randomness early on with our first online performance February 2009 Temple.Works.Leeds See Anna Frisch’s Portrait Part II performed by Serena Bobowski on and come and see My Polar Disorder at Why Rush?

Susan Williamson

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