SlimPro 6 & the Bobettes. And dog

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A lot has been happening at Temple.Works.Leeds in the dropping piano department – in fact you could say it has become our theme tune for Why Rush? May 11-13. Intern Daniel Cunningham got into the spirit of gentle destruction on Saturday May 5 and decided the narrative was all about a dog pushing 93 in human years and its best friend, the piano


As Slim Bob and his dog silently gaze in time

A piano ages and it slowly rises to ten feet high.

So long to a lonely instrument

Fallen into decay having lost its play.


In order to capture that fleeting moment in the future he once planted recording devices so be silent as you enter; the room is bugged and inside the pianos insides will project onto the walls.


The piano will be winched over head in the Open Loading Bay at Temple.Works.Leeds and when it drops the sound will echo and resonate in the works, through suspension rods, cavities and doors. From amongst the at once relentless cacophony our old dog finds harmony. On Friday night May 11 Slim Bob pro 6’s experimental set will be accompanied by ‘Shatners’ Bassoons’ and on Saturday May 12 the ‘Laura Call ensemble’. Three pianos will be hanged in total – one a day – and all of them will drop, 4 inches at a time. Sunday May 13 they will be ending on a jointly cacophonous note with digital musicians Urban Exploration.


An executioner wishes farewell from behind a balaclava to these pianos who lost their play. They were meant for the gallows not the landfill and for an audience they must be sacrificed.


The dog gazes into space and Bob drifts off”.



Slim Bob Pro 6 and the Bobettes are old Temple.Works.Leeds hands and built our original artists’ scaffolding tower in 2010 during the Twin Peaks Festival “Fire Walk With Me”. They’re known for extraordinary performances of space-saluting strings and horns: masked, eared, suited & booted, with and without dogs, with and without popcorn popping and bacon frying while light projections and water droplets provide a background sensory pull. The overall experience is possessed of an absolute magic when performed at dusk, and is not for the fainthearted. Stand well back as the pianos come down.


See a 2011Temple.Works.Leeds performance by Slim Bob Pro 6 and the Bobettes on


Daniel Cunningham


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