The Skeleton Project: TRIP TICK at Why Rush?

May 9, 2012 by     No Comments    Posted under: Events, What's On

We’ve watched and enjoyed the Skeleton Project many times and each time I am amazed at how seamlessly provocative they can be. They inhabit a space and an audience like no other, and will be doing a popup at Why Rush? in one of our grimiest catacombs. That is an invitation in itself.


“Welcome to the catacombs of my psyche. This is a guide to me. Not a step by step instruction, demonstration or education, this is just me, a fast mumbling unconstructive deconstruction of my mind. Join me exploring how I construct thoughts, what I think about my life, the media and how I cope with being me. TRIP TICK is led by a scripted text of short monologues, song lyrics, and nonsense rantings and is driven by audience interaction and improvisation”.

Written and performed by Matt Allen & Anton Krasauskas

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