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Ivor Tymchak (often described as Sir Ivor) is a very old friend of Temple.Works.Leeds and in fact with Richard Michie he founded the ultra-successful Bettakultcha at TWL in early 2010. Our paucity of toilets and the need for stringent risk assessments to weed out social enterprise gurus occasionally became a bone of contention specially when he described our grand old pile as a “derelict” – in spite of the fact we had laid on paraffin lamps specially for the occasion – but that is now water under the uhhh…well, underfoot now. Only lightly and in the lesser used spaces only.


Anyway. Ivor is a man for all reasons – wonderful writer, cartoonist, inspirational speaker , Bettakultcha cofounder, rock star going right back to Gentle Ihor’s Devotion I’m only sorry that the hat I carried faithfully back from the Prairies to add to his sumptuous collection –genuinely worn by old-geezer Ukrainian-Canadian farmers – has not made its way onto his website.


In the meantime Temple.Works.Leeds is lucky enough to have had the Temple Priest perform on more than one occasion and their roar is to live for.


The Temple Priests is a collaboration between Ivor Tymchak and Nigel Goodwin. The fusion of found sounds, loops, electronic beeps and howls, and eccentric drum patterns distinguishes itself from random noise generation by its sheer joy and playful inventiveness. The music is best described as a journey without a destination, a horse without a rider and as a joke without a…


Susan Williamson


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