Opportunity for Part Time Porter / Caretaker at Temple Works

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to look after a national monument?

A former Victorian flax mill, Grade One Listed Temple.Works.Leeds – once the largest room in the world – has reopened as a cultural venue. While structural repairs are underway to the 2 acre main Space, the rest of the site is under artist occupation. Look at our website www.templeworksleeds.com to get an idea of that this “occupation” means… and follow this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oc1nS9qGFhk for a two minute clip showing Temple.Works.Leeds in action. Privately owned and run and receiving no external funding, TWL has now been running events virtually and real-time since early 2009 and has attracted almost 40,000 visitors. All this in a place with no heat, little power, minimal toilets, and fronting onto a commercial carpark.

Still interested? We have an opportunity for a part-time porter and caretaker at Temple.Works.Leeds where the main role is to shift props, furniture and equipment, look after the condition of a stunningly innovative, much loved and gently decaying heritage site that is used much of the time for film and television location shoots, and do general cleaning and maintenance. Working closely with resident artists who also have a hand in all of the above tasks, we are looking for an over ‘50’s or retired person with good self-direction and communication skills who wants to be a “parent” both to a wonderful site and a group of disparate artists and crews when they need a hand. It needs someone who can enjoy and work around a myriad of events, audiences, visitors, film crews and artists, taking it all in their stride, and putting the much loved site as their number one priority.

We can afford very little to start with and indeed the role has largely been carried out by volunteers for the last 3 years. We are looking for funding to make this a properly paid position in the future but for that we need to have a candidate in place carrying out the role initially as a volunteer. Possible candidate pre-retirement backgrounds could include work in education, caretaking, construction, logistics, the Armed Forces, NHS, retail management,  theatre or other cultural venues.

If you are interested, please send a short CV indicating relevant experience and why you are applying for this role, and 2 references – one a former employer – to susan@templeworksleeds.com

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