Late Night Lounge Lover Sat 4th August

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Leeds’ premier secret supper club comes to Temple Works Leeds.

They say…

Join us for a night of revelry and high jinxing at Leeds’ premier secret supper. Be it a table for 4 or a party of 20. You can dine with us or just simply join us for dancing & drinks.

The raw, edginess of this unique new LNLL venue will go hand in hand with the high quality and renowned brand of which is Wray and Nephew.

To accompany your perfect Wray and Nephew rum punch, locally famous Caribbean caterer DutchPot will be serving traditional authentic Caribbean cuisine with a modern twist. Our mixologists will produce signature Wray and Nephew Cocktails which will be available throughout the night.

Music on the night will be provided by the mighty Axis Sound and accompanied by our in house DJ Leon Lewis + guest DJs who will create live mixes of your favourite tracks combined with old school Jamaican beats.

Not only will there be entertainment for your aural pleasure, your visual pleasure will be stimulated by the creation of live video art, contemporary art and graffiti. The combination of cuisine, cocktails and cabaret makes this night Leeds’ must have ticket and definitely the place to be.

Price includes: Admission to the party, reception drink and our now famous sharing platters.

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For more info call 0113 322 6377 or email us at

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