Temple.Works.Leeds is open during Heritage Open Days

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Is there any part of Temple.Works.Leeds you’ve been wondering about?   If you’ve been here before, are you keen to find out  happened next to the enormous plaster flakes, the performance toilets or the skylight repairs? Want an update on the Giant Undercroft Cat situation? Bid for props? Volunteer? Or do you just want to see the stunning 2 acre Main Space again?


We’re gearing up for a great autumn and winter at TWL with a new programme and new residents. To kick it off, we’ll be open for 1 hour group tours Saturday September 8 and Sunday September 9 at 10 am, 12 noon and 3 pm each day. Its ticket only, but free: each tour is limited to 30, and you will need to sign up on Eventbrite.


Follow this link for all of the details!



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  • I loved this idea, and I personally would love to see such a magnificent building. I am in the believe that is close to the public and in urgent need of repair. If any events are done to either, collect funds fro the repairs or to visit part of the building I would be very interested in it.

    I went to the closing ceremony of J Reid, great person and i love his new staff. I have not heard anything from you since….are you still organising events and art shows? Where can I find more informtion?


    Maria Martin

    • Thanks for commenting Maria there are regular Heritage tours at the Temple Works so please do book to visit!
      Join our mailing list to find out about our up and coming events there’s always something big in store. Right now we are working towards a new multimedia show and you’ll know the full story in November.

      Take care!
      Temple Works

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