We have Space.

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We’ve got space

Temple.Works.Leeds is being joined by new resident artists this autumn and winter, building on a programme in place since 2009. While most space is now spoken for, we do have certain studios and popup space still available for rent by compatible artists who want to join the Temple.Works.Leeds community.

Why Temple.Works.Leeds?

We can’t and don’t compete with other venues offering studio space: we are a unique site and it comes with unique challenges. If it’s just space you need, or free space, we’re not the right place for you!  But if your work benefits from the inspiration of being in one of the most stunning environments in the North, you have a flexible approach to your working environment, and you’re an active artist/maker in any one of the following fields: film & photography, digital arts, fine & plastic arts, crafts, illustration, design & architecture, music & performing arts and writing, read on…

All residents attend curatorial meetings and have a chance to be involved in and help steer Temple.Works.Leeds programme. All residents also have the chance to showcase and hold events at advantageous rates and to use temporarily unused space between events. It is important to us that work showcased is good quality and that residents are at the top of their game

The most important thing is to embrace and enjoy Temple.Works.Leeds, and to contribute to the long-running cultural project all artists on site help run. We have an agreed code of conduct. We don’t just rent out space: we provide opportunities and as such you’re going to want to be sure you’re happy and compatible with other artists.  So to rent space you will want to meet other residents and vice versa.

Temple.Works.Leeds – the site itself –  is privately owned, and we have a license to operate the cultural project under very generous terms from the owners, having worked closely with them to help them obtain Planning permission for change of use to a cultural venue.  We have no paid staff and are unfunded; we are all self-supporting.  All residents help keep this Grade One Listed monument – still in parts a building site – afloat through regular work parties, and assist in stewarding and tour duties from time to time. Our interns, stewarding and volunteer programme helps run TWL and we are soon to have our first official apprenticeships. This means that the character of TWL is as much due to resident artists, stewards, interns, volunteers and apprentices as to its unique history, architecture and engineering.

What’s available?

Sizes of studios vary from 100 sq. ft. to over 250 sq. ft., and popup residencies allow artists to choose where to work knowing they may need to move if an event is planned for that space.  This benefits fine and film artists in particular as well as musicians.

Costs  for studio rentals are dependent on location, natural light, and service provision but extend from a flat monthly fee of as little as £100.00.month for popup space to £.75 /sq. ft. / month for fixed space. We encourage co-working and there are some spaces that might suit compatible artists wishing to keep costs down.

All rentals include power and use of kitchen facilities, showers, bike racks, access to meeting rooms, but not car parking (parking spots are available on a paid basis within the commercial parking lot). Owing to the increased use of Internet on site we are now asking for a contribution towards Wi-Fi. We are open 7 days a week and do have late working hours, within certain security and access restrictions around which we all work. There is light workshop space available for shared use, with block bookings at a small cost.

We rent rehearsal space as well and have space up to 5,000 sq ft. available for this. Rehearsal rental is by the hour and size of space and prices start at £10.00 /hour, as is filming (filming is typically £25.00 -£50.00/hour). Block bookings bring down costs significantly and we are prepared to accept part barter in payment for low budget and student shows and shoots.

Residents may from time to time run workshops or small private, non-commercial events. We’re happy for event space to be used for this, usually at no cost, if the space is not booked for other uses at the time.


Some things work, some things don’t

We’ve found some things work and others don’t. TWL is a challenging and vulnerable environment. So we’re not suitable for theatrical company residencies except for a fixed term to develop a particular funded piece, or to rehearse. We’re not suitable for companies with anything more than 2-3 people or with a significant number of daily visitors, deliveries and access issues. We’re not suitable space for most community arts organisations, except again for fixed funded terms and / or rehearsal. Lastly, as a building site we cannot accept pets on site, or anyone younger than 15 years, even if accompanied by a responsible adult.

Are you interested in applying?

If you’re interested in applying for space send us an email incl a CV in the first instance telling us

  1. About yourself and your work: website, images, Press coverage, blogs
  2. How you work currently: spatially as well as working style
  3. Why you want to move to Temple.Works.Leeds
  4. How much and what kind of space are you looking for
  5. Do you have a day job that means your studio needs are for after hours or on weekends
  6. How much time would you typically spend in your studio
  7. Do you co-work
  8. Is there more than one of you  e.g. partnership or small company
  9. Does your work involve light workshop needs and /or call for a Hot Work Permit
  10. When do you want to move and for how long do you need space

…and please provide the names of 2 referees who know your work  and working style

Next steps

We’ll put your application in with others and give you a ring to invite you down for a chat and a tour. If we all like each other and it looks like a good thing to do, we’ll invite you to join us. We can move quickly if we’re right for each other.


All residents must have their own insurance to cover their own work, visitors and equipment. As TWL is still an uninsured building site but has Planning Permission for conversion to a cultural venue, business rates do not apply as long as residents do not use TWL as their registered business address. Being Grade One Listed, no new fixings, surface or structural alterations to the site are permitted.   Rent is due at the start of each month and to earmark a studio space the first month’s rent is necessary at the time of booking. Notice period is 1 month on each side.  Owing to long running structural repairs in the adjacent Main Space we are all on rolling notice to vacate if necessary due to health and safety considerations.



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  • Hi I’m looking for an art studio so I can start up a business do u have any spaces available if so could you get back to me.
    Many thanks Chris Hudson

  • Just wondering if there is chance of a space on a weekly basis for a soul band to rehearse please?


  • Hi guys,

    Wondering whether you have any space available to rent for a band to rehearse in?



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