Tightrope walking, infamous sheep and worst of all the walls have eyes.

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Recently people have felt the spectral presence of Quimetta Perle who is curating a show at the Temple.Works.Leeds from her studio in New York digitally. She uses computer software to explore the space inside photographs of buildings and to append her ideas onto the walls. This is not the first time that cyber squatters have inhabited TW since our resident artists entered in the same way.

Quimetta (“Mona Lisa Spits Pearls”) visited us in October for a masterclass in multimedia fantasy…with animated mythical characters like Medusa and fisherman’s wives whom she unpacks in short stories. Amongst tightrope walkers, infamous sheep and many more ideas, the walls have been given eyes to look back upon the drag kings and queens who frequent TW. She takes objects from one medium and subjects them to another. Estranged bodies, sequins and projections decorate the walls including those watching to exorcise the soul of the space .

            ‘’Dare to wear’ exhibited at St. Pancras Cathedral Crypt in London during October and ‘See Her Walk Over the Pits of Hell’ is online. She should materialize in Leeds during December so keep in the know by joining our mailing list at the top right corner of this page.



Daniel Cunningham


Since Quimetta was with us in October, she has also created another multi-media portrait, of Hana – one of the team at “Dare to Wear”. Makes mewant to wear it.


Susan Williamson

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  • One more thought—could you post one of her stories? Medusa, fisherman’s wives—I want to know more!

  • The art in progress looks fabulous! How exciting that it can be visually planned on the computer.
    Her stories sound intriguing also. Wonderful blog.

    What is Quimetta Perle’s website?? I had hoped it would be listed on your blog.

  • I absolutely love it, quimetta!!!

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