2013 Xmas party from the mighty opposites of East/West

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They said that black Friday is a mystical and frightful day in Western Culture, but this year folks had an imaginative party on the last black Friday night at Temple Works Leeds.

After warming up with a cup of mulled wine performances and music filled the night. Three puppets in ragged dresses danced with each other to the music from the Hurdygurdy man on the Chaise Longue. It woke up every-bodies’ feet, which were depressed after the long weeks work. The super tall woman sitting in the mysterious stall told us the path of our fortune by reading palms and using the ancient divination from the 15th century. The night wasn’t just about the gypsy-style entertainment; the electronic music and grotesque mirrors made the space seem like somewhere in a wonderland.

No Christmas tree nor Santa featured at the special Christmas party in T.W.L, however, it was the most amazing Christmas gathering ever. Thanks Isabella who designed this all and all other volunteers who’ve been helping out during the night.

Liting Lin

“Friday 13th was the best T.W.L Xmas party ever!” Susan exclaimed after midnight had passed. Yes the minced pies and mulled wine were festive, but this Christmas do didn’t feature karaoke or mistletoe.

Isabella Carreras deserves all the credit for bringing last nights’ artists together, and for inviting Rory with his Hurdygurdy to accompany the Petrushka puppet show. Mystics and marionettes performed on handcrafted, gypsy stalls with a long sleeved puppet-man, dog, rabbit-woman and bearded lady. Rory managed to sneak-in his take on Gary Newman’s ‘Are Friends Electric’ at the break. It’s a rendition that changed my mind on the music industry, and convinced me that his is the most original solo performance in Leeds.

Thanks goes to our T.W.L volunteers who served at the bar and Dave Cartwright of Manic Chord who stepped up to act out a surprise sketch from the collective’s repertoire. Giant Swan kept the night in cycle to industrial guitar and synthesizer-noise channelled through delay pedals. The main set in the Joiners bar was decorated with mirrors of all shapes and sizes; portals to the wondrous world of Temple Works to come in 2014.


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  • Best Christmas party I’ve ever gone to, it feels like a dream thinking back, the lighting, decoration and entertainment were unsurpassable!

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