Temple Works Public Open Day – MAY 10: 11am – 5pm

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Have you ever wondered what actually goes on inside Temple.Works.Leeds, in Holbeck?

What poor souls are trapped behind the years-old scaffolding, the graffiti-ed hoarding, and the dust-storms of cascading rubbish?

 Would you like to see behind the scenes?  

















This Grade One Listed former flax mill – built 1838-1841 – was at the time the largest room in the world, with sheep that grazed its grassy, skylit-studded roof: an early example of sustainable and visionary engineering.
















Later (1953 – 2004) it was well known as the Northern offices of “Britain’s Favourite” Kay’s Catalogue. But since 2009 it has been undergoing a slow, artist-driven transformation into an experimental cultural venue for “extreme makers”.  All of this feeds into our ultimate goal:  a major regional experimental artists’/performance driven venue, fed back into by international artists and Tate Turbine Hall-level shows.















So while we try to put Temple.Works.Leeds into Trust to help raise the millions needed for its structural repairs and eventual full opening as something  more-like a Tate than a Tetley, we are opening our doors for our First Public Open Day, Saturday May 10, 11 am – 5 pm.

















We’ve been getting a big swell of specialised visitor interest lately, as our own audience numbers also increase;  we are now able to handle up to 1,000 at a festival at one time – not quite sure how? – but our (pigeon) wings, (paper) prayers and legion of volunteers and interns have a lot to do with it.  Our unfunded venue is entirely revenue-driven, especially by film location work; you may have seen us on the BBC, Channel 4 or in alternative magazines as well as promoting regional bands, independent films makers and artists.
















So if you’re interested, come and see what goes on behind closed doors in our myriad sheds, workshops, loading bays, undercrofts, the old offices and toilets…  It’s random. Friendly.  Lo-tech. Open Source. Dusty. And gearing up for something big. 

















Talk to artists and residents … leave your own interests or story, and sign up for a tour of the famous undercroft,  roof and Main Space.  Check out our website www.templeworksleeds.com  and keep up to date over the next couple of weeks about what is going to happen – and when – on the day.  Have a look before you come at a recent event  – “Jungle Jam” – part of “Temple Time” https://www.facebook.com/TempleTimeLeeds?fref=ts’;  Broken Pixel’s current trailer for “A devil on each Shoulder”

















Escorted by our hard-working team of international interns (who will tell you their own stories), along the way you may meet …

  • The Leeds Model Railway Society, Est 1947, and its incredible collection of historic working sets
  • Electronica and projections in old joiners’ shops
  • Zombies behaving badly in old painters’ shops
  • Actors thesping randomly
  • Artists art-ing studiously
  • Musicians music-ing  under stairs
  • Photographers darkening  rooms
  • Filmmakers and animators’ TWL–made loops
  • “Invisible” sculptures
  • A stained glass maker in old toilets
  • The Fetish Community  at “work” (sorry – X rated – proof of age will be required)
  • Story capturers keen to show, tell and hear your own memories of TWL
  • A crowdsourcing TWL filmmaker keen to film YOU
  • @philkirby who will ask you to write about Temple. Works, Leeds if you so much as blink an eye, nervously

And – but only if we are very very lucky – a man who chases clouds and makes them into art

















We’ll tell you during your visit what is next for Temple.Works.Leeds creatively as we ramp up, and will be interested to hear what you think of our plans.


















There will be refreshments available and, our reputation to the contrary:  working toilets!  Parking is free. For once minors over the age of 10 are welcome but only – if under 15 – accompanied by a related adult over 18.  Not everything is “family friendly” so please be prepared to edit.  Please wear flat sturdy shoes.  No pets. No pythons.













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  • Are tickets required for the event on Saturday? Thanks!

    • Hi John! No tickets just be there 😀

  • Sadly probably wont be able to take pics in the adult /meat room x

  • Will I be able to take photos. I’ll ask people’s permission of course and maybe post some pics to flag up what you are doing there.

    • Sorry for late reply Paul – and yes of course! Susan

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