The Violence Party returns tonight!

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After May 6th’s appearance at Temple.Works.Leeds, we were keen to get them back

The show is dramatic, powerful and definitely not for the faint- hearted. Dramatic slaps followed by crowd chanting, the air is thick with excitement and testosterone. The wrestlers smash each other as the crowd laughs chanting “Yorkshire!” and throwing insults.  So nothing new there then…


Audience involvement in the Violence Party is pushed to the maximum:  being a mere spectator is impossible. The wrestlers repeatedly jump off stage, walk around the crowd, picking fights among the spectators. The audience responds.  Excitement culminates in the unannounced appearance of the Anti-Hero Tommy End, and even the police (who last time left the event peacefully).


Although it might seem so, the wrestling is not only about power and physical competition. It is about building an exciting story. Week by week, deals are made and conflicts are created, always giving the audience something to look forward to. The wrestlers, always in character each have a unique look, ranging from Hannibal Lecter to a policeman…and tonight, a well-known Biblical hero…



Kay Lee Ray, one of the female wrestlers, brings the show drama and a rough but feminine edge. She says she likes to be treated as an equal to the guys. Although it does hurt to be slammed on the floor, the guys do not treat her any differently from any of the other contestants. The audience and the opportunity to play different roles, be it the bad or good guy, the opportunity to entertain and play a new exciting role each time is what she loves about wrestling.




Written by Kristi Luik, TWL intern…

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