Temple.Works.Leeds has many in-house artists and is largely artist-run, offering residencies as well as consultancy and assistance to external artists wanting to put on their own events. Read on…


Temple Works attracts artists from all parts of the cultural spectrum. We include photographers, filmmakers, dancers, actors, playwrights; cabaret performers and aerialists; musicians, DJ’s and VJ’s; fine, performance, digital and ‘live’ artists; hackers, engineers, sound and light artists; storytellers, food artists and architects in our portfolio of performers who both support the project and who are now making use of our unique facilities. We are both – and neither – a production and receiving house, but a playground for cultural testing. We will consider residencies, offer rehearsal space, and will help you work out specific events you have in mind.


If you have a show, event or production in mind that is contemporary, challenging and needs a unique space; if you are interested in creating site-specific work; if you have an audience that you want to build further by taking them to unusual spaces; then contact us to come down for a prowl and a chat. You will need to work out your business plan as we do not fund productions nor do we seek funding for you: but we offer “in kind” support and high visibility to your own production.


You may want to take on several spaces and have your audience or crew follow you – from an old canteen recently occupied by Kay’s Catalogue workers on their tea breaks, to an old Joiners Shop where carpenters mended giant box crushing machines; or you may want to install your work in an old paint shop with deep, enclosed niches and the original brushstrokes of generations of site painters.. Or you may want to hold a 12 hour sound and light party in a giant, skylit loading bay. We have left where possible all of the currently available spaces in their original state and this include peeling wallpaper and stucco, pigeon patterning, mould and York stone and with 67 11m x 11m skylit bays and extensive ancillary skylighting, both surface texture and natural light offer film in particular a context you will not find elsewhere.