Temple.Works.Leeds is a cultural venue that is 20% heritage and education, 40% location shoots and in-house studio events, and 40% public events. We post information for all events open to the public. Read on…

In 2009 Temple Works became a mixed-mode cultural venue. Film shoots and festivals, art exhibitions, punk gigs, themed parties, promenade theatre and dance, art installations and performance art, digital and ‘live’ art, sound and light spectacles, exclusive club nights and things that you just have to see. Enjoy events backgrounded by industry, wealth and decay. When not in programme use the unique, unpolished spaces are maintained by the T.W.L team for Heritage tours, filming and exhibition. Over the past 4 years the cultural project has opened the setting to representation in all kinds of mediums, but facets remain undiscovered with restricted access to many areas due to building regulations. Plans are underway as the T.W.L team help to organise the restoration project, which is currently coming to a new resolution.

Jamie Reid became our most beloved patron when he exhibited ‘Ragged Kingdom’ at Temple Works, along with a range of his work to date, during June 14th – July 14th 2012.