Experience Temple Works

The Experience Temple Works project is a virtual archive intended to offer an immersive experience of the Temple Works site from anywhere in the world. Although currently still in development, the project already allows over 60 different locations to be explored, each with a navigable 360° view.

Designed and developed by Tom Jackson, a Research Associate at the University of Leeds and a local freelance photographer, the project is being used both as a promotional tool for Temple Works and as an academic research method.

To launch the project, please click the button below:


Instructions for using the project

To explore the 360° view of each location, simply click and drag to rotate the image.

To navigate around the site, click on places you would like to go (through doorways, to the other side of the room etc.) and you will move through the space. A ‘tooltip’ starting with “▲GO” will be displayed (on non-touchscreen devices) whenever the cursor is placed over an area that can be navigated to.

Selected items within every location can be zoomed to a fullscreen view. Click on items that you would like to see in more detail. A ‘tooltip’ starting with “+ ZOOM” will be displayed (on non-touchscreen devices) whenever the cursor is placed over an item that can be zoomed.

The Map
An interactive map of Temple Works can be accessed using the map button (in the top-right corner). Different areas of the site can be viewed using the drop-down menu at the top of the map. To navigate to a new location, simply click on any of the named locations on the map.


This is the back button. It returns you to your previous location.

The is the map button. It opens the interactive map.

These are the zoom controls. They zoom the current image in and out. (These controls may not be displayed on touchscreen devices. Use a ‘pinch gesture’ instead.)

The project seems to work well on most browsers and devices (including tablets and smart phones). However, if you are experiencing problems getting the project to work, please try downloading and using the latest version of the Google Chrome browser. If the project is slow or unresponsive, try making the browser window smaller.


As a project in development, your feedback is very welcome. Please visit the following address to contact the developer, Tom Jackson: