Internship Opportunities

Ping-Hsin Hsieh & Liting Lin 2012

Temple.Works.Leeds offers a Freelance Intern programme to those pursuing independent projects in arts and cultural industries. In exchange for voluntarily stewarding at Temple Works events, the team will collaborate with Interns on their personal projects (gigs, film festivals etc.)  A large proportion of Interns’ work is related to events management, which entails a lot of organisation and some manual work.


Events create the opportunity for Interns to meet and review artists, and for their writing to be published on this website. Interns will be offered promotional writing assignments. The organisation can support Interns with space to work, a network of arts specialists for advice, and experiences to reference in the future. There are often opportunities to collaborate with theatre and film organisations, photographers, writers, painters, musicians, performers, audio-visual specialists and artists from many other niches.


Send any queries and applications to Please include your CV and give us an idea of what you aspire to do at Temple.Works.Leeds. We welcome applications whether they lead to a one-off exchange or a long-term agreement.