Temple.Works.Leeds is available for corporate, private, studio and location hire. It is also in steady use by filmmakers, production houses, photographers and ad agencies as an outstanding and unique context. Read on…

Venue and studio hire

While not in direct programme use, many spaces at Temple Works are available for corporate hire, conferences, meetings and private parties. Sizes vary greatly, from the 1,600 sq ft Paintshop, to the double-height 1,500 sq ft Open Loading Bay, to the 2,900 sq ft Joiners Bar, the 5,000 sq ft Old Canteen and – soon – the double height 1,500 sq ft Boiler Room. We have a large marquee and free parking on evenings and weekends; and while parts of the site do not yet have full power restored, Temple.Works.Leeds residents can be hired to carry out all technical needs on for each event including temporary power supply. Temple.Works.Leeds can run also run a bar, manage the door, offer full security and stewarding, and arrange catering (with either pre-qualified suppliers or a client’s own choice). A limited number of studio spaces are also still available for rental to compatible local artists, upon application.

Location hire

Temple Works is registered regionally and nationally with location hire firms and production companies who seek an unusual and provocative ambience, set of spaces and heritage setting. To date this has included television productions, music videos, feature films, animations, photo shoots, promotional and celebrity advertising features, with particular interest from fashion photographers and the music industry. With an extraordinarily diverse selection of spaces, natural lighting or blackout, natural props an backdrops, surface finishes in historic decay: deep and shallow space suitable for close, mid and deep shots. We are also open to artists and production companies needing to hire space to make sets and for short term storage of these sets.

Promoters and pop-ups 

Temple.Works.Leeds’ doors have been open now for a while to promoters for big events, within our current numbers restrictions of 500 for any given event, soon to be adjusted upwards upon receipt of our permanent premises license. This includes music events, dance parties, festivals, food and drink promotions and pop-ups amongst other events. We are looking for quality shows and promotions that respond to an unusual and challenging site with imagination while respecting the historic character of the Temple Works site. After repairs are completed top the 80,000 square foot main space we will be adjusting our numbers up into the thousands and our sights on major national and international events.

Architectural photos & Site Plans